Frequently Asked Questions

Companies can hire engineers in 4 simple steps:

  1. Share the skills you need.
  2. Receive a list of vetted engineers from our talent pool.
  3. Schedule interviews at your convenience.
  4. Begin your risk-free trial.

Our average customer hires an engineer within 7 working days. Included in this is introducing vetting engineers, our client completing their interview process and an individual accepting the opportunity.

You can use any contract of your choice- we allow our customers to have full control over the contract process. We have developers in our talent pools that are open to permanent, freelance, B2B or FTC agreements.

Our sourcing process has been designed by leaders from some of the leading organisations across US & Europe. We engage with talent only from the leading businesses. We have conducted thousands of technical interviews that allows us to know what organisations have the most consistent and highest standards.

TG Group have created a vetting process which guarantees only the top 15% of engineers pass.

Every developer at TG Group completes the following stages of verification:

  • Select from leading organisations.
  • A 60 minute technical, cultural & language assessment.
  • A 90 minute technical interview which includes a recorded live coding exercise.
  • Optional additional technical assessment.

Only once an individual successfully completes all stages, they are uploaded to our talent pool to be interviewed by our customers.

Of course. Our goal is to ensure the engineers we introduce are truly suitable. So if you have additional information you would like us to include in our vetting process, we are happy to do so.

For many customers we have added questions into our 60 minute assessment call and adding a further technical interview stage including a fully customized coding exercises tailored to their project requirement.

No, there are no upfront costs. In fact, we offer you a 4 week risk-free trial period with any developer you hire from us.

We want to provide as much information as possible on each developer we introduce.

Each engineer we present, you will have the following:

  • Full technical matrix
  • A recorded live coding exercise
  • Profile/ CV
  • Contract type preference
  • Current location
  • Salary
  • Interview availability
  • Availability to start a new project

Yes, can provide you with a shortlist of developer from a particular region. In our talent pool, we have 7,500+ engineers from Europe, North America and South America.

Simply just share your preference with us and we will ensure only individuals from those locations are introduced.

Yes, can introduce existing teams or help you build a team from scratch. We have a specific team which identifies existing teams who are open to new opportunities, and we then process all the team members through our vetting process.

No, there are no upfront costs. In fact, we offer you a 4 week risk-free trial period with any developer you hire from us. offer all its clients a 4-week risk free four-week trial period. Businesses can engage with developers from our talent pool and after four weeks decide if you want to continue with them.

If you aren’t satisfied, you don’t pay anything. In the event the engineer isn’t suitable, we can find an immediate replacement (where you will have a four week trial again) or we can stop the cooperation (there is zero cost for doing this).

Yes, each engineer in our talent pool goes through rigorous English language vetting.

Yes, we don’t want to cause any resistance! 

Yes, many of the engineers we speak to are open to working onsite if required. Be sure to let us know that you require this and we will be sure to introduce only those who are suitable.

We can move as quickly as you need. We can get you onboarded and vetted engineers introduced in 24 hours.