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Get immediate access to the top 15% of engineers that can be hired on any contract of your choice. All developers in our Talent Pool have completed three stages of vetting to ensure full technical and cultural suitability. 

Traditional recruiting is over. Welcome to a Talent Pool containing world class resources.

Join 50+ companies trusting TG Group for their hiring needs.

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Hire deeply-vetted developers

An all-in-one solution that combines AI, data insights and a human touch to ensure relevant talent is secured in your local area or around the world. 


Hire a dedicated development team.

A complete solution to guarantee the build of your required team so you can manage important deadlines internally and with your customers. Schedule interview with multiple teams at your convenience to allow for comparison. 

The Technologies we work with

React Native

TG group combines AI, Data Insights and a human
touch to deliver your ideal developers

Tailored to your requirements

  • Technology Stack
  • Budgets
  • Seniority Level
  • Interview availability

Our Talent Pool allows:

Your ideal developer

Typical engagement:

  • Full-time
  • Contract type
  • Permanent, Freelance, B2B or FTC

Global presence

We have a number of locations around the world with our HQ being in Central London.




People about TG Group

We have a number of locations around the world with our HQ being in Central London.


Software Development Division Lead- I.T Consultancy in Spain
"We've were searching for 4 months prior to hiring 2 senior Golang Developers within 6 days using TG Groups Talent Pool."


Vice President of Engineering- Establish Swedish Music Company.
"TG Group eases tension that we usually experience with job boards and recruitment agencies. They simply confirm whether or not they have the relevant resources, and if they do, they always deliver."

Stanislav M.

Recruitment Leader - @ Large Polish Consultancy
"Whether it's small team builds, large division builds, or insights in launching a new outsourcing division, TG Group are always involved in our discussions.

Paul T.

CTO- UK Digital Transformation Business
"We've now worked with TG Group for 3 years, and their Talent Pool solves a lot of our problems with any software development hiring requirement. The most beneficial part is having a true insight into the developers coding ability before having to invest time interviewing them or sending them our coding task."


Software Development Division Manager- Swedish Ecommerce Business
"We built a 5 person permanent Java Division in 6 days with TG Group. We are already involving them in a new division build."